A client asked for my assistance in finding the right individual for his team.  He heads the benefits division for a Mid-sized agency – downtown Chicago.

His department generates $3 million in revenue and the team consist of 20 individuals, including Producers.

Their niche is in the under 500 lives market, and they do a really good job in attracting and servicing their clients.

What’s the story behind why you’re looking?

This need is prompted by a slight reorganization.  A senior team member recently changed direction in his career.  His team consisted of 2 Account Managers.  Instead of hiring another senior leader, the decision was to promote the 2 Account managers to Account Executives and add a strong Account Manager to support the efforts of the 2 Account Executives in keeping clients happy and growing that book of business.

Who is the ideal person for this role?

We are pretty open and there are 4 possibilities that make sense, it could be someone:

  1. Presently working for one of the “big-box” agencies, who is working ungodly hours, is pigeonholed – doing the same things over and over and has to fight through a bureaucratic process to in order to get things done.
  2. Presently in a service representative role from one of the health insurance carriers , where the window-of-opportunity has closed for he/she to make a transition to the brokerage side of the business – because of his/her compensation level.
  3. With a growing family or looking to start a family and she would like to balance work and family, without taking a backward step in her career.
  4. Who is looking for a faster career path, where he/she will challenge him/her self to exceed their his/her expectations – relying on their ingenuity and creativity and work ethics.

Why should someone leave a pretty good situation to come here?

  1. We are nimble enough where we operate like a family.  We participate in many activities outside of work. And even though we work hard, it doesn’t feel like hard work, because we all pitch-in and help each other - it feels more like we are all together for the same cause.
  2. Most of our team members came from the other agencies, it all depends on what they are looking for in their career and from their employer.
  3. We operate from 9-5. Very rarely someone is in the office after 5pm.  We have the flexibility to work from home.
  4. We’re growing.  Our value proposition is resonating in the market, and we’re seeing more new business from existing clients.

What compensation do you have in mind for the right person?

  • We are pretty open, we believe we can find the right person presently in the $70K to $90K salary range.  But we are for focused on making sure it’s the right fit for everyone.