the employee benefits broker manifesto

The recruitment & hiring solution for the employee benefits Broker

The Employee Benefits Broker Manifesto demonstrates a new method for the Broker to add more value to his clients, increase the revenue from his present book-of-business, and organically transition from commissions to a fee-for-service revenue model.

what problems are we trying to solve?

client ​PROBLEMS

Diminishing returns from the dollars invested in providing employee benefit programs

  • Their broken hiring process produces a high rate of employee turn-over  
  • High direct & in-direct costs that are associated with making bad hires
  • Increased talent acquisition costs

broker problems

  • Time-intensive tactics of prospecting for new clients, in today's digital world
  • Increase in client demands & expectations, in delivering services
  • Reduction in carrier commissions

what is our solution?

  • Link the attract & retain strategies to the recruiting & hiring tactics with a talent acquisition platform that brings data science and machine learning technology to the talent management process
  • Empowers the Broker with a non-traditional tool to solve more sophisticated client problems 
  • Provides a incentive compensation component that motivates the Brokers to generate additional revenue by driving adoption among his clients

about me

I am a veteran employee benefits  recruiter who understands the business of delivering employee benefits services, technology and traditional recruitment techniques.  I am putting the next generation recruiting tool into the hands of the Broker

Ken Forrester

benefits to the broker and clients


Win the war-for-talent & maximize the return on their investment in employee benefits spend

  • Reduce bad hire rate, including direct & indirect costs  
  • Lower talent acquisition cost – from reduced head count needed (internal recruiters) and recruitment fees (external recruitment agencies)
  • Add speed & the quality of applicants to the recruiting & hiring process 


  • Retain more clients, even the ones with high renewal increases
  • Win more BOR letters – get in the door from the recruiting & hiring side to build employee benefits relationships
  • Generate revenue from new clients' prospecting efforts
  • Produce employer cost-savings which can be re-allocated to pay the Broker in fees-for-services

easy to recommend & implement

  • No need to be an expert on the recruiting & hiring side of the equation
  • No need to change business your model or daily activities
  • No need to have a license in order to collect commissions on the recruitment & hiring side
  • No need to invest valuable time or a significant amount of money to get results

linking the attract & retain strategies to the recruit & hire tactics, 
is now the winning combination for the employee benefits broker

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