How to Triple Your placements

(by linking your own DATABASE with an artificial INTELLIGENCE jobs matching platform)

3 simple ways Recruiters can generate additional sources of revenue

  • Let the jobs matching technology  do the hardest parts of your recruitment process: sourcing, cold calling and sending emails
  • Add value to your clients by leveraging their own employer brand and as a result, build your network of talent
  • Provide your database of talent  with access to other job opportunities outside of your own reach and turn everyday into a payday

more of your clients are bringing recruitment IN-HOUSE - your candidates  are now demanding full disclosure and  transparency about your clients -  and your headhunting tactics still require client confidentiality to be effective

The art of recruitment remains a relationship driven business.  However technology has changed your candidates' social behavior.  And as a result, the tool (telephone) that you have mastered, is no longer the most effective entry-point in developing relationships.  

Have you noticed that it is taking a lot longer to make a placement? 

One reason is because engaging candidates in a career related conversation  is no longer as simple as calling them on the telephone!  It has gotten more complicated, today. 

The reality is that most of us will remain in this headhunting game because we love  the thrill-of-the-hunt and the exhilaration  that we get from making a placement.  But sadly, only a very few of us will survive this transition - if we are still using traditional tactics in a world driven by digital and automation.

Data science jobs matching technology is the new recruiting.. Not one, but everyone will get a little piece of the action – in every transaction

John Hennessy
Co Founder, TerraTal


There are a handful of startups in the recruitment space; marketing the concept of applying the same matching technology that the major dating sites use to match singles for compatibility and romantic purposes- they are using it to match individuals with the right jobs.  

One of these startups is focused on utilizing Headhunters as their primary distribution channel into the recruitment space.  (Headhunters were the early adopters who introduced their huge network of talent to LinkedIn)

It is called TerraTal.

TerraTal is an artificial intelligence driven digital platform that streamlines the front-end of the hiring process, as it applies to how talent is attracted and evaluated.

Click the tabs to see the value from the employer, job seeker and headhunters' perspective.


On the employer side, it produces quality hires at a much lower cost.  It also shortens the hiring process by reducing the man-hours and resources associated with sifting through resumes and screening job applicants.

Click the tabs to learn how terratal will put recruiting back INTO the hands of headhunters

  • more revenue sources
  • no more recruiting
  • more placements

Monetize Your Networks: Be the first to introduce your professional, social and talent networks and generate revenue from:

  • Traditional Placements
  • Referral Commissions
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Profile View Commissions
  • Override Commissions

"This is a way to allow the recruitment Industry to cut the administrative burden on the front-end of the hiring process to eliminate the waste and resources that are associated with the traditional methods.  It is also a way to streamline the process to identify the best fit candidates and on the other hand, it allows professionals access to opportunities that were previously inaccessible to them ."

- Chris Baumgartner (Co-Founder TerraTal)

how terratal will create more sources of revenue for headhunters


  • Recurring income (commissions) from the subscription fees (paid by the employers in your network) to utilize the technology and hire talent through the global talent exchange.
  • Passive income from candidate profile unlock fees (paid by other employers & recruiters) for the profiles that were generated from the activities of the employers in your network.

recruit individuals in your database to join the global talent network

  • More placement opportunities. You will be able to work on more deals concurrently and in multiple locations. That is because the jobs matching algorithm will do the time-intensive parts of your normal recruitment process and immediately identify the candidates who are most interested in the jobs that you are recruiting for.
  • Passive income from candidate profile unlock fees (paid by employers and recruiters) for the profiles of the candidates who you recruited into your network.
  • Passive income from candidate profile unlock fees (paid by employers and recruiters) for the profiles that your candidates recruited into your network.

answer these 4 questions and discover for yourself how you will make more placements

  • How many candidates do you have  in your database? 
  • How many recruitment projects can you work on concurrently, and in how many different locations?
  • What is taking place with the other candidates in your database while you are focused on recruiting in another city?
  • How many deals could you work concurrently, if you were only focused on getting finalist candidates through the interview process?

Based on your answers, can you see how  more placement opportunities will be generated when you don't have to make cold calls, leave voicemail messages, send out emails, search LinkedIn profiles or pitch jobs?​


  • who to recruit
  • how to recruit
  • why to recruit

This is an invitation only network

Your invitations has to be accepted by your invitees in order for them to join your network

Your invitees will become off-limits to your network, if they have accepted  another invitation.


What You’ll Get...

a picture is worth a THOUSAND words and numbers don't lie

how much money are you LEAVING on the table - by not MONETIZING a talent network that has taken you years to develop? 

 placement fees + referral fees + renewal fees + override fees = new headhunter fees

Along with your invitation to join, you will get access to the video on how to calculate your new headhunter fees

see recruiting from a totally new PERSPECTIVE

  • Solve more Hiring Problems
  • Become The Expert in Your Space
  • Help Employers Find Local Talent in Your Community
  • Become The 21st. Century Recruiter

without investing your  hard-earned dollars


Without taking time away from

your normal recruitment activities

Get Instant ACCESS to the GLOBAL talent network!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


how much in fees can i really make?

how much does it cost to join?


computers will never replace recruiters!

why should I give away my candidates to employers for only $40?

isn't this just like linkedin?

why should i change the way i recruit?

why should my candidates' join, they already have a linkedin profile?

why would employers be interested in the concept?