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How recruiters can make more placements with artificial intelligence 

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6 Video that will teach you how to triple your fees
Video 1: A Window of Opportunity

Duration: 7:24s

Timing is everything, and now is the opportunity for Agency recruiters to take back control of the recruitment Industry, with AI.

Video 2: An Easy Sale

Duration: 2:57

The sale is easy when you are selling what employers want to buy

Video 3: A Steady Paycheck

Duration: 3:28

Learn how to generate a steady paycheck while waiting for that big placement fee

Video 4: Everyday is a Payday

Duration: 9:44

An automated method for generating revenue on a daily basis by leveraging your talent network

Video 5: How to Generate Thousands of Profiles

Duration: 3:43

Learn how recruiting employers is the fastest way to build 1000's of profiles that can be unlocked on a daily basis.

Video 6: How to get Multiple Profiles Unlocked 

Duration: 3:41

4 fastest ways to get the most profiles unlocked

Video 7: How to Generate Real Relationships online with AI

Duration: 3:54

Develop relationships online to make placements off-line

Video 8: Numbers Don't Lie 

Duration: 20:41

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this is a clear picture of how much dollars can be generated by recruiting employers

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