I call this recruitment solution Moneyball, because it was developed by one of my clients. He doesn’t have any hands-on recruitment experience; and his recruitment concept reminded me of the character in the movie, "Moneyball."

His concept takes a holistic view of the present recruitment/hiring process, and flips the entire process upside-down. This upside-down recruitment process is an improvement on quality, speed and cost. And it also illustrates how talent will be recruited in the future.

After you grasp this concept, you will understand why agency recruiters will emerge as a strategic HR partner and no longer be viewed as a recruitment vendor.

And, instead of only contingency and retainer methods to generate recruitment fees, they will have multiple methods to generate more recruitment fees.

Moneyball Recruiter

This recruitment solution is built with business concepts from other Industries...the business concepts that are successful in today's digital world 

How to understand the Moneyball recruitment concept

I know that agency recruiters are more focused on the chase. In this case, “the chase” mean being the first to find a superstar talent and getting that individual across the finish line, in order to win the placement fee that an employer is willing to pay.

Try not to view it from a chase perspective. Instead, it should be viewed as a headhunting re-engineering perspective.

What can the Moneyball Recruitment Solution do for employers?

It  starts their interview process with finalist candidates

It identifies the qualified & interested candidates from a pool of talent who did not apply to the job posting

It uses AI to determine which passive candidate is most interested in the job opportunity

It uses a process for hiring managers to develop personal relationship with passive candidates and successfully invite them into the interview process.

What can the Moneyball Recruitment Solution do for agency recruiters?

It creates a marketplace where every employer is a potential client

It generates recruitment fees from job vacancies that are being filled internally by employers

It creates a model where candidate sourcing is done by employers

It allows recruiters to maintain their autonomy and generate a stream of recurring recruitment fees

It creates a model where recruitment fees are generated from telephone interviews

It allows recruiters to generate passive recruitment fees from non-active candidates in their database and from the size of their professional network

It generates more full-fee placement opportunities

It generates alerts when non-active candidates become active job applicants

How to introduce the Moneyball Recruitment Solution to employers?

No cold calls

Identify the employers who are interested in talking to you

Don’t have to learn new technology

Don’t have to invest a huge amount of capital to get started

Keep your traditional headhunting tactics

Bottom line

Technology has provided the tools to dramatically change the recruitment landscape, and someone from outside the recruitment Industry has created the platform that will give agency recruiters the respect they truly deserve.  Now is the perfect opportunity for agency recruiters to take back control of the recruitment Industry.

Watch the short video of the new recruitment solution here!