BROKERS – Retain more clients – obtain more  BOR letters – generate more revenue from your existing client base

From the recruitment angle of the employee benefits Industry, what we see is a tremendous opportunity for Brokers.  And we have developed the solution that will allow Brokers to better sever their clients and capitalize on that opportunity.


  • Broker interactions with clients tends to be transnational in nature – since most of their activities are  focused primarily on obtaining the BOR letter
  • Most Brokers are compensated by the insurance carrier and not the employer they represent, so the typical  mind-set is that their major value to their clients is to reduce the high cost that are associated with providing healthcare for employees
  • With that mind-set, Brokers are underestimating their true value as Advisors, and as a result they  seldom are pro-active in discovering non-insurance HR related problems that are affecting their clients. And in addition to that, they are often reluctant to seek out non-traditional solutions



  • Employers are investing significant amount of dollars in developing employee benefits programs in order to attract the talented performers – who they believe will make them more competitive.  However, they are unsuccessful in  hiring the same talented performers they are attracting
  • They are also investing significant amount of dollars in employee benefits in order to retain their talented performers, but often times they end up hiring talent from a  pool of average and below average performers
  • On the employee benefits side Brokers are having some success in saving money for employers, but on the recruiting side side employers are losing revenue because of high employee attrition rate, low productivity and higher talent acquisition costs


It was originally designed for the recruiter, but it is now a valuable option in the Brokers’ toolbox for solve client’s recruitment challenges.  Our recruitment solution will:

  • Enable Brokers to remain on the employee benefit side and solve client problems on the recruiting & hiring side. They will simply link the employee benefits strategies they design to the same recruiting & hiring tool that we use in our business
  • Just like the span filter can automatically detect unsolicited emails, the app will Immediately identify the 10 best applicants who the employers should interview – from hundreds of  applicants who has applied to each job vacancy
  • Introduce additional qualified candidates for each job vacancy – it allow clients to build their own pipeline of cultural-fit, interview-ready candidates
  • Allow the Broker to generate revenue from three sources  –  the insurance carriers, the recruitment vendors and directly from employers – in terms of fees