This is a true story

A candidate of mine, (I’ve placed this guy twice).

He called me up late last year.

I thought he was looking to move again.

But all he wanted, was to get my thoughts on a new recruitment solution he developed.

I’m thinking – a recruitment solution?

This guy’s not even in the recruitment Industry, he’s in the insurance Industry.

Anyway, check this out.

I am going to use a pickup-truck as an example, to describe this recruitment solution.

This is not an ordinary prick up-truck, this one was built with parts from different automobile manufactures – parts from BMW, parts from Mercedes, parts from Maserati and parts from Ford.

Picture that for a second.

So, basically, his recruitment solution is built from business models - from other Industries that are successful in today’s digital environment.

I call it the Moneyball Recruitment Solution because it was developed by someone without hands-on recruitment experience.  

Here are some examples of the successful business concepts for different Industries:


1. Recruiting - it uses online dating matching technology from eHarmony

2. Screening, selection and interviewing - is uses machine learning and artificial intelligence used by Netflix

3. Sourcing - it uses  discarded job applicants from 100s of employers’ job advertisements

3. Exclusive Job orders - it uses  a automated component similar to Bounty Jobs

4. Pricing -  same model used by Walmart

5. Professional networkingsame concept from LinkedIn, but with a revenue generating component

6. Distributionsame model used by Uber

7. Compensationsame model used in the Insurance Industry

What can the Moneyball Recruitment Solution do for employers?

  • Start their interview process with only finalist candidates
  • Allows employers Job advertisements to be seen by only qualified candidates
  • Identifies the qualified & interested candidates who did not apply to job postings
  • Allows hiring managers to develop relationship with passive candidates and invite them to the interview process

What can the Moneyball Recruitment Solution do for agency recruiters?

  • Create a marketplace where every employer is a potential client
  • Generated recruitment fees from job vacancies that are being filled internally
  • Candidate sourcing is done by employers
  • Generate a stream of recurring recruitment fees
  • Generate recruitment fees from telephone interviews
  • Generate passive recruitment fees from candidates in your database and the size of your professional network

How can recruitment automation help you introduce the Moneyball Recruitment Solution to employers?

  • No cold calls
  • Identify the employers who are interested in talking to you
  • Don’t have to invest time to learn a new technology
  • Don’t have to invest a huge amount of capital to get started
  • Keep your traditional headhunting tactics

Bottom line

Not only will you be able to generate additional sources for revenue, it will provide you with intelligence when any candidates in your database - become active,  And that is the main reason why I am reaching out to you.

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