5 Steps to Finding Your Dream Job Using LinkedIn


Determine what your dream job is

  • Fun work
  • Meaningful work that makes a difference
  • Autonomy

Determine the organizations that could benefit the most from the skills that you have acquired

  • Industry, Large, small, start-ups, non-profit etc.
  • Locations
  • What you can do for them

Determine who the decision makers are

  • Locate them on LinkedIn
  • Craft a message to connect with them
  • LinkedInize your profile to get connection requests accepted and do the initial interviewing for you.


  • Send thank you message to each new connection
  • Offer them a free consultation or something of value
  • Send a follow-up link to a value based article/work project


  • Turn your free consultation into job interviews
  • Arrange follow-up meetings
  • Negotiate offer