Are You in The Right Role?

We were all born into this world equipped with the natural talent that we need for our survival.

The reality is – most of us will live our entire lives without knowing what our natural talents are.

In this advanced world that we live in today, our natural talent is identified by a specific role we play; otherwise known as a job.

These are the questions that you need to answer to determine if you are in the right role; or on the right track to the right role:

  1. What is your natural talent?
  2. Can you describe the job today that is a perfect fit for your natural talent?
  3. More importantly, if you knew your natural talent  and your perfect role – how will an employer with the perfect role for your natural talent find you, especially when you are not actively looking for a job?

Those questions, I believe are one of the main reasons why the millennial generation are changing employers so early and so often in their careers.

If this job-changing trend continues:

  • It remains a problem today for employers in terms of low productivity, higher training and recruiting costs – which translates to lower profits.
  • It becomes a problem tomorrow for millennials because they will end up with broad-based exposure, but lacking depth in a specific subject. The danger is that their careers may stall or they might fail to become subject matter experts in their field.

What is the next logical step in your professional journey?

Keep in mind that the generations before you found their rightful roles through who they knew and the intuition of man.

Today your rightful role will be found through your professional DNA and the science of talent attraction in the Global Talent Exchange.


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