Are You the Hero?

Once upon a time-about two years ago, I was giving a very difficult search assignment.

The reason this particular search was difficult, was because I had to find a Wellness expert with a background in employee benefits-specifically self-funded health insurance.

You can read the original job description here. But here’s why it was a difficult search:

  • They wanted someone who not only knew strategies for engaging employees, they also knew how to get buy-ins from higher-ups by demonstrating return-on-value.
  • They wanted someone who not only knew how to implement wellness initiatives; they knew how all the pieces fit into employee benefits puzzle from the business side of the table.
  • They wanted someone who not only knew the wellness vendor community; they knew what methods were old and which ones were new.
  • They wanted someone who not only knew their stuff; they were passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through influencing choices.

What we discovered was that there were tons of people in the city of Chicago who call themselves wellness experts, but only a very few had that unique combination of skills.

It was a very lengthy process, but luckily, we were successful in finding the right individual for the role.

Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by someone from another State.  She learned that I was searching for that unique skill-set.

As it turned out, that individual also had the same unique skill-set that I was searching for. And, she was interested in relocating back to Chicago.

Since the role was filled, I offered to market her unique skill-set to all the brokerage and consulting firms in Chicago.

To my surprise, none of the firms were interested in that unique skill-set.

Shortly thereafter, on a totally different search assignment, I came across someone with those unique skill-set.

Even though that individual was open to exploring opportunities, I declined the invitation to market her skills because I knew that none of the firms were interested in that unique skill-set.

Fast forward to today.

The individual who gave us that difficult assignment, is now with another organization-in a much higher capacity.

And the individual who was interested in relocating to Chicago, is also with the same organization-in a much higher role.

A few days ago, the individual who gave us the initial difficult search assignment, reached out to us-indicating that I should follow up with the individual who relocated to Chicago, for details regarding another difficult search assignment.

Here’s the interesting part.

While discussing the situation that they are in, what needed to be done and the unique skill-set that is required for someone who can ramp-up-to-speed and hit-the-ground-running in a short period of time.

He said the he knew the best person to find someone with that unique skill-set.  And she immediately said that she also had someone in mind.

Coincidently, the person they both had in mind, was me.

Why are you a part of this story?

Because you came on my radar screen.  As someone who might be the person with that unique skill-set- who can ramp-up-to-speed and hit-the-ground-running in a short period of time and solve the problem for everyone!

Is there a hero inside of you?

Do you want to hear the other sides of story-to see if this is the type of challenge that you need at this stage in your life to significantly advance your career?

You can arrange a time to speak with me here