Artificial Intelligence will Turn Recruiters into Sales Reps

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) is the new killer app that is on the verge of disrupting the recruitment Industry. A few of the leading technology companies are making huge bets on (AI) and are backing it up with hundreds of millions of dollars. IBM is investing in Watson, Amazon in Alexa,
Google in Siri; and even Salesforce has gotten into the game with Einstein.

Salesforce is implementing Einstein into marketing strategies. The objective is to be able to identify potential customers and to determine the exact timing when customers are ready to make their buying decisions.

Since marketing and recruiting runs parallel in objectives, it will cause one to wonder, how and when AI will start disrupting the recruitment Industry.

Taking that thought one step further, if you apply the science of AI into the art of recruiting, what you will gain is a better understanding of how talented performers will land their ideal jobs in the future and why employers will end up winning the war for talent.

But more important, you will understand why it is not AI that will disrupt the Industry – the Industry will be disrupted by the new breed of recruiters who will be attracted to the Industry, as a result of AI.

The recruiters of the future will no longer need to understand fundamental recruiting tactics to effectively recruit talented performers…AI will do the sourcing, screening, selection and relationship building. The recruiter's’ role will be primarily sales and marketing.

Ken Forrester

Why will employers win the war for talent?

The need still exists – good people are still hard to find and employers are still investing a lot of money to recruit good people. Even though, online job advertisements and social media recruitment solutions are everywhere on the Internet, most employers are still challenged by the high cost of utilizing recruiters (in-house/agency) and the length of time it takes to get a successful hire across the finish line.

What makes AI a powerful recruitment solution - is that it is consistent with most employers’ objective of today- doing more with less.

A product that can do more for less will sell itself in today's 24/7 news environment.  AI sells itself as a fast, accurate and a cheap solution for recruiting talented performers.

Fast – how long does it take Google to provide search results? AI is super-fast like Google in selecting the right applicant from a huge stack of resumes.

Accurate – it seeks out the inner skills that will make a person exceed his/her own expectations in the role and will demonstrate how he/she stands out from the other applicants.

Cheap – compared to the salary paid to an in-house recruiter or the placement fee paid to an agency recruiter.

AI and Job Seekers

Talented performers who are not highly visible will no longer have to play the stressful job search game, or the mind-games of working with a headhunter (working with headhunters is not always a bad experience-it’s only the perception) to land the right job opportunity. But, in the future, it no longer will be necessary for talented professionals to apply for job vacancies –  AI will find the right individual at the right time and with the right job opportunity.

How AI Works

Marketable professionals will input their true career desires into the AI digital platform by completing a questionnaire - their ideal role, compensation, employer's', location, benefits and the issues that are most important to their careers. The only drawback is that this must be included in the database before they actually needed to find a new job.

And getting skilled professionals to complete their AI career questionnaires especially when they are not actively motivated to seek a new job - is where the opportunity exists for professional recruiters to generate significant income.

The is also the reasons why the new breed of recruiters will be attracted to the recruiting space – the potential to make a 6-figure income is huge. One can get started in business without any recruitment experience, or have to invest money in franchise fees,or  overhead expenses or carry inventory.  Recruiting remains one of the few unregulated, low barrier-to-entry  Industries.

Income Opportunity

Since sourcing, screening and the selection of qualified job candidates will be driven by data produced by AI, the need for the traditional recruitment skills (in-house/agency recruiters) has diminished. In order to capitalize on the potential income opportunities, established recruiters will have to upgrade their skills to include sales & marketing.

Here are three ways to generate recruitment fees without making placements:

1. Introduce employers to the AI recruitment platform.

2. Invite marketable individuals to complete their private career questionnaire, to be included in the AI database.

3. Invite others to introduce other employers and other marketable professionals to the AI platform.

Who are the recruiters of the future?

Based on 27 years of experience in the recruitment Industry, I highly doubt that most established recruiters will enthusiastically embrace AI as the next recruitment solution. And who can blame them because they are intellectually committed to the world that they know. Besides, the fax machine, the Internet and social media were all rumored to be their demise.  The fact that they still exist today, is enough to stay the course.

The truth of the matter is - AI does not require that every recruiter  embrace its concept, in order to be a successful recruitment model. Only a few recruiters are needed, because the recruiters of the future will come from outside of the recruitment Industry.

These are the 4 type of recruiters that will make an impact in the $90 billion recruitment Industry.

1. In-house recruiters – talented recruiters who left the agency side of the business because of the financial uncertainty of living from placement-to-placement.

2. Agency recruiters – specifically the ones who recognize that there are multiple holes in their present recruitment process and are in search of a more efficient model. If given the choice – they are the ones who will select the red pill instead of the blue pill.

3. B2B sales professionals – the innovative thinkers who view AI recruitment as simply a door-opener, or a conversation starter and a no-brainer solution that will get them in front of more employers to present their main product or service.

4. Internet marketers – the ones with huge email lists and are skilled in driving targeted traffic from the Internet or from their social networks.

3 Ways to Generate Revenue

Recruit employers to use the AI recruitment platform

Anyone can introduce the AI recruitment platform to any employer and generate huge commissions, as a result.

Commissions are paid both on the front-end and on the back-end; when employers sign-up and when the employers renew their annual subscriptions.

You can easily earn a 6-figure income when you have a pipeline of employers signing-up and renewing their subscriptions every month.

Recruit marketable individuals to complete their private career questionnaire on the AI platform

Since everyone with marketable skills are potential placeable candidates, the AI has the capability to recommend qualified candidates who did not apply for an employer’s current job vacancy. If and when that occurs, the employer can review that individual’s career profile and invite that individual to participate in their job interview process.

This process is called the automated candidate introduction. It is a bold and innovative concept that is very effective in establishing a personal relationship between a hiring manager and a potential job candidate. Not only that, it is also a new method for employers to get their job advertisements in front of only qualified candidates, specifically the ones who are not actively involved in a job search.

Recruit individuals who are great at recruiting employers and highly skilled professionals

The larger the size of the data, the smarter the AI platform becomes. It is able to automate multiple functions, keep track of each activity and provide detailed reports of all transactions.

This is a recruiter’s dream - to be able to recruit other recruiters who are also capable of building their own network of employers and skilled professionals. One objective might be to dominate a particular niche market, which can easily make them the recruiters of choice for employers in that space.

Internet marketers can easily flourish by building a massive down-line of other Internet marketers with massive down-lines as well.

Final thoughts

Many have said that in the future, machines will replace humans and jobs will be lost forever to automation. On the other hand, many have also said that machines will never replace humans because of their inability to develop human relationships, which is essential in the art of recruiting.

As it applies to employers, AI is taking the guess-work, the man-hours and the high cost out of the hiring process. And it is making the job search process  stress-free  for job seekers.

As it applies to recruiters, AI is not replacing recruiters. It is simply changing the way recruiters-recruit, by taking the hard work out of recruiting and hiring process. And in this situation, it is challenging recruiters to develop new skills by creating additional sources of revenue for recruiters.