May 22, 2012 Uncategorized

Looks like the concept of wellness & health is finally gaining traction with employers.  As a result, we are getting more search assignments for that particular skill-set.  The challenge however that is there are only two types of talent within that space.  Those  very senior in experience and very junior in experience.  But that’s not the purpose of this post.  The real purpose is the challenge in of itself, in getting intelligent human beings to change their behaviors; even when it’s in their own interest.

Certainly, having a healthier employee group will benefit the employer in terms of lower employee benefits cost and higher productivity.  But it’s the employee who will benefits the most in terms of being healthier and more energetic; which can lead to many more years of enjoyable earning potential.

We aren’t children, so what’s up with the carrot & stick approach to get adults in the real world to do the things that they know they need to do?

On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn’t complain because if employees did what they needed to do on their own initiative-then there wouldn’t be a need for Wellness professionals.  And if there wasn’t a need for Wellness talent, there wouldn’t be a need for my services!  So, I guess it’s ok the way it is!

Now that I’ve confused you, it’s not just employers that are having a difficult time in getting others to change behaviors.  It is difficult to get customers, athletes, clients or anyone to change.  Change is really difficult!

The webmaster of one of my social groups, spoke at length about the new changes in our website.   It will be easier to navigate, its social media centric where members can use it as a personal branding tool and they can better communicate and organize club events.  But only a few have converted their profiles to the new website.

I must admit that I too was guilty of reluctance to change.  My bank of 20 years sent an email indicating that I needed to close out my existing account and create a new on-line account.  The newer account offered a higher level of security, multiple on-line applications to better serve me.  But I never got around to making that change, not until I could no longer access my old account.  Now that I’ve made the change, (which wasn’t difficult) I am enjoying the improved services.

Here is something else to consider:

If you are reading this blog post, it means that your name, job title, employer, email address, phone number, location and other information about you is in our proprietary database.

How did it get there?

We are recruiters, we develop relationships with folks like you to make you aware of career opportunities; and it has taken over 20 years and tens of thousands of networking conversations with peers in your Industry to compile over 10,000 records.

Now I need you to help us help you.

We need you to create your own profile in our talent community.  It certainly will help us out on the back-end, but it will make us more effective in helping you.  It takes less than 5 minutes and you can start enjoying the benefits of hearing about the unique opportunities outside of the Industry- right away.

One more thing!

They say that making the change process fun is more effective that using reward & punishment as a strategy for engagement.   So this video is our attempt in making the effort fun for you!