How Artificial Intelligence Will Land You in the Perfect Job

September 7, 2016 Automated Headhunting

Digital matching technology is today’s new job search.

How did you find your present job, do you remember?

If you found it through a job matching technology platform, then you are in the perfect job.

Ever since eHarmony entered the recruitment space with Elevated Careers, many other apps using matching technology has followed suit with hopes of matching everyone to their perfect job. Some of these apps include: mercer match, RealMatch, JANZZ Technology, Switch, Anthology just to name a few.

What this means – is that- if you are actively, passively or not presently in the market for your next job, then it makes sense to create a profile of the real you, in order to allow the perfect job to find you.

Who is the real you and what is your perfect job?

Another one of these job matching technology platform is called TerraTal.

What is unique about this particular platform is that it was developed by individuals from the group insurance Industry.

Why is that important?

While technology is only a tool, staffing & recruiting remains relationship driven business. That is why it has elements of the insurance Industry’s compensation and distribution models.

The objective is to achieve fast growth on the jobs side and a steep adoption rate on the job-seeker side of the equation, because the model compensates  and encourages headhunters to collaborate.

By combining their Industry knowledge and professional contacts, it will build the largest global talent network of insurance Industry professionals, and as a result, will attract the best employers.

If you are in the group insurance and employee benefits Industry, these are the 5 reasons why you should consider creating your private profile on the TerraTal Global Talent Network.

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is either incomplete or outdated.  And since it’s public – you don’t want to generate any unwanted attention by updating it.
  2. You have a great resume, but it doesn’t reflect who you truly are – it all about the work that you have done in the past. And you are not interested in another job just like the one you presently have.
  3. What you want is the job that brings out the feelings that make you happy, doing the type of work that you really enjoy.  In addition to how, when, where and who you’d like to work for; you also determine how much you’d like to be paid.
  4. You are super-busy – you don’t have time to spend doing that boring networking stuff on LinkedIn, for just in the event – if you ever needed to look for another job.
  5. You want privacy and control.  And what you really want is the simplicity of swiping right or left – if you are interested or not interested in a job.  You don’t want to make/learn that decision – after you have invested time in researching and interviewing.

With digital matching technology, you are no longer limited to the people you know – to match you with your ideal job.

Your private profile is the new job search.  One profile is all you will ever need; and it also does the first rounds of the job interviews.

It is the real you behind your resume or your LinkedIn profile.

It’s private because your identity is only revealed when you have given access to an employer and the employer has paid the access fee to TerraTal.  So, the only time you will allow access –  is if a job match occurs;  and the role and the employer is of interest to you.

On the other hand, you really need to experience it for yourself – the questions are off-the-chain.  They will inspire you to really think about who you are as a person, the things that are important to you, your present situation and where you would like to take your career in the future.

One last thing; you have to be referred to be able to join this talent network.

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