How to Generate Revenue from LinkedIn

September 23, 2016 LinkedIn Learning

The secret to generating revenue using the LinkedIn platform is to:

  • Have a strategic plan for developing relationships online and converting those relationships off-line
  • Execute all the required tactics on a daily basis
  • Don’t go it alone – Use LinkedIn experts



Get professionals in your network to know you; like you and trust you, by:

  • Keeping in touch with them on a daily basis through auto response sequence messaging
  • Wishing them happy birthday- on their birthday
  • Congratulating them on career moves and job anniversary dates
  • Get them to view you as an expert who can help them
  • Post daily helpful informative articles of interest in their newsfeed
  • Promote their visibility on the network by endorsing their skills
  • Send weekly promotional value propositions to their newsfeed

Use your LinkedIn profile as a tool for generating new leads and nurturing them into qualified leads

  • Identify individuals you’d like to do business with, by zip codes, title, Industry, company size
  • Reach out to new leads by physically viewing their profiles on a daily basis
  • Generate visibility by viewing the profiles of influencers and thought leaders in LinkedIn groups
  • Send out connection request to open networkers to generate a higher visibility
  • Send out connection request to individuals who viewed your profile
  • Send connection request to people you would like to do business with
  • Accept connection requests from individuals who has invited you to join their network
  • Send out a welcome message to all new connections and introduce your services.
  • Obtain contact details from each new connection and add them to your database
  • Add new connection contact details to your auto responder
  • Invite targeted connections whom you have communicated with to webinars, meetings, cocktails or coffee
  • Send out scheduled follow -up messaging to targeted connections

If you can execute these tactics on a consistent basis, you will have a consistent stream of qualified leads to offer your products or services.

Ask me how to turn your professional network into qualified leads without spending hours on LinkedIn.