How to Select the Best Applicant from a Huge Stack of Resumes


Are you actively searching for health & benefits – Account Executives, Account Managers or Administrators?

Let’s say that you received 100 applicants from one of your  job descriptions that you posted on Indeed.

How will you select the best applicants to invite for a job interview?

Also, how will you know if the ones with the best resumes will accept your job offer, if one was extended?

Will you start with a key-word search through all 100 resumes, then eliminate the unemployed, the older ones, the job hoppers, the ones lacking in experience or education?  How about the ones who are presently working with employers that you are unaware of?

That is a very difficult decision, because If you cannot quickly identify the right job applicant from that long list of resumes, then you are wasting your time.

More important, you are wasting the teams’ time in interviewing the applicants who will not accept your job offer or they are not the best fit for your job vacancy.  Should that be the case, you might have to start the entire process all over again, and may end up with the same results!

What if there was a fool proof way to select the right applicant on-the-fly to bring in for interviews?

The most effective method today for selecting the best applicant is no longer a quick resume scan, or many years of experience in recruiting, or your intuition or even a telephone interview –  today it is using matching technologies.

Digital matching technology is today’s new job search.

Since eHarmony entered the recruitment space with Elevated Careers, many other apps using matching technology has followed suit, including: mercer match, RealMatch, JANZZ Technology, Switch, Anthology just to name a few.

So, if you are actively recruiting group insurance talent in the employee benefits space, then you may want use matching technology as the first step in screening job applicants.

Another one of these job matching technology platform is called TerraTal.  What is unique about this particular platform is that it was developed by individuals from the group insurance Industry.

Why is that important?

They understand the agency service delivery model and the technical skills, as it applies to underwriting, fully-insured, self-funding, claims experience analysis, IBNR, pricing and plan design.

Being able to immediately determine the applicants who can develop revenue, expand client relationships or manage complex projects is a competitive advantage whenever top talent are in high demand and low supply.

Matching technology goes beyond the resume; it provides an in-depth analysis of each applicant, and these are the 5 reasons why you should filter your job postings through the TerraTal network:

  1. Recruit directly from the local talent exchange
  2. Job advertisements will reach only targeted applicants
  3. Immediately identify the best fit and ideal candidates
  4. Faster time-to-fill
  5. Lower recruitment cost

Just by answering a series of detailed questions about the job vacancy and the ideal person for the job, the platform will immediately identify from your list of applicants, the individuals with the right qualifications, the right cultural fit, at the right compensation level and are most likely to leave their present employer for the right opportunity.

Also, it will identify other candidates in the network, who might be better suited for your job requirements – in which case you can click a link to notify them of your job vacancy.

That said, if you are presently sifting through a long list of resumes, then this is a great opportunity for you to test the effectiveness of the TerraTal platform, it’s FREE.

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