Man v Machine

I did an experiment on an artificial intelligence recruitment platform. I wanted to see for myself if artificial intelligence was as good as a human recruiter in matching job applicants to job vacancies.

The premise is that – if done correctly, the app will match the right applicant to the right job, just like a dating app will match singles who were compatible.
Based on what I knew about one particular employer and based on what I know about one individual whom I’ve placed with that employer – I created the same job on the employer side and then created a profile on the job seeker side as the ideal person for the job.

The app found the profile and rated the individual as a 93% fit for the job.
It took less than 10 minutes for that match to occur

I did not upload a resume

I did not apply to any job vacancy.

After reviewing the matched-profile report, I’ve concluded that a human recruiter would have given a 100% match.

View the profile here