October 6, 2010 Job Search, Recruiting, Social Media

I was leaving the gym at the same time a friend of mine was entering.
Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Max, I almost didn’t recognize you-you’ve lost so much weight.
Him: Yeah, I lost a lot of weight and I’m feeling pretty good.
Me: How much weight did you lose, it’s got to be at least 20 lbs?
Him: More than that, 42 lbs.
Me: 42, that’s a lot of weight, how long did it take?
Him: Almost a year, I think!
Me: So what did you do differently to lose so much weight?
Him: I stopped eating so much!
Me: What?
Him: I use to have huge breakfast, lunch, dinner and I would eat throughout the day; cake, ice cream, chips, sodas. I was up to 228 lbs. My clothes were very uncomfortable and I just didn’t feel right. That’s when I noticed that all my skinny friends had one thing in common; they didn’t eat a lot. Whenever we would go to a restaurant, I would eat what they didn’t want, so they kept giving to me what they didn’t want.
Now that I’ve cut back on food, the weight is falling off and it saves me more money too.
Me: What?
Him: Food is expensive, and now that I buy less, I save more money. Here comes Willie now, you can ask him for yourself!

Willie enters the conversation:

Me: Max said that he lost weight by eating less food?
Willie: He just didn’t just eat a lot of food, he eats stupid!
Me: What?
Willie: Max eats a lot of food because he thinks that it will save him money!
Me: What?
Willie: That’s why he pigs out at buffets and finish whatever we don’t eat, not because he thinks that we are wasting food, but because he thinks that the more he eats, the less hungry he will become. and the less food that he will have to buy. He thinks that he is saving money by eating more food.
Me: I don’t get it, how long does he think all that food will stay in his stomach?

Willie: Now do you see what I mean by eating stupid?

The moral of this story: Take a good look at your current recruitment strategies just to make sure that you are not recruiting stupid.