The Broker Recruiting App

So, this Broker challenged  my theory of linking employee benefits strategy to our recruiting & hiring solution will produce the best outcome for both the client and the Broker..   

And, I’m trying give him the high-level overview from an outcome perspective.  But all he really wanted, was to learn the details of the broker recruiting  app - just to see if it was  different from the typical applicant tracking software that he's familiar with.

Fair enough –  I know that most Brokers don’t understand their clients' business from the recruit & hire side, or how recruiting & hiring tactics link talent to employee benefits. And that's only because of the "Chinese Wall" that exist between the client's attract & retain and the recruit & hire iniativities.

So, here’s how I broke it down for him.

The broker recruiting app is similar to the iPhone.  The iPhone has multiple apps - it's a mobile telephone, a music player, an automated calendar, a camera, a clock, a calculator, a flashlight, an automated map and a number of other apps – all in one.  

The broker recruiting app incorporates a number of today’s most popular business tactics from some of the most innovative companies. 

I'm going to use Google, eHarmony, Amazon, Facebook. and Uber to demonstrate how the app combines their business  tactics  and integrate them into one recruiting & hiring solution.

The broker recruiting app uses the same span-filter technology from Gmail. Gmail can instantly determine which emails are important from the hundreds of spam emails you receive on a daily basis.  It sends only the important emails to your inbox, and the unimportant emails will go directly to the spam folder..

Applying the same spam-filter technology, the broker recruiting app will instantly determine the best applicants to interview, from a large pool of job applicants..  As an example, if 200 hundred applicants applied to one job vacancy, it can instantly determine the 10 best applicants for your client to invest the valuable time of their interview team.

The broker recruiting app uses the same technology as eHarmony - to successfully match singles for on-line dating, based on compatible personalities.

Using the same technology, the broker recruiting app can successfully match the right hiring manager/hiring team to the right the right applicant - from a large talent pool of job applicants.  Also, from a candidate sourcing perspective, it uses the same technology to identify qualified candidates for multiple job vacancies.  And the source of these qualified candidates, are from the greatest overlooked talent pools in corporate America – ignored job applicants from present job vacancies, forgotten applicants from past job vacancies and applicants under-the-radar, in the database of professional headhunters. 

Amazon uses recommendations of previous buyers to introduce and sell products to potential customers.  These recommendations are in the form of: others who purchased this product, also purchased these products.  

For an annual subscription fee, employers can utilize the broker recruiting app to screen job applicants who are applying to their job vacancies - advertised on LinkedIn, Indeed or Zip Recruiter.  

In addition to the annual subscription fee, the app sells qualified job applicant leads (qualified candidates) for the job vacancies where  qualified job applicants are in high demand and short supply.  It uses Amazon’s recommendation method to introduce those qualified candidates to employers, for hard-to-fill job vacancies.

LinkedIn uses the social networking concept to enable individuals to showcase their skills and also network with other professionals, employers & potential new customers.

The broker recruiting app also uses the same social networking concept, but the major difference are that the profiles are private, encrypted and anonymous. This gives individuals the freedom to be more open, honest and transparent in terms of communicating their skills, expectations and career aspirations. And it is their artificial intelligence driven Avatar, that will do the actual networking - not the individuals. 

Uber’s technology allows  automobile owners to generate income by using their privately owned vehicles to provide paid ride-sharing services to commuters.  

The broker recruiting app uses the same technology to allow anyone who has access to a large professional network, or relationship with employers – to leverage their professional network/relationships to generate additional revenue. 

This revenue sharing feature allows everyone to earn a little piece of the action when an employers sign-up, renew their annual subscription, and every time they acquire a qualified job candidate lead through the recommendation method.

Now that we know that the broker recruiting app is not just another applicant tracking software – what we’re talking about is a revolutionary method for employers to hire more talented performers for every job vacancy, without wasting a lot of time, or spending a lot of money.

And, it's a new solution in the Broker's toolbox -  to stand out from the average Broker.  

Sure, it’s a must have to be able to nail conversations regarding carrier and healthcare provider issues - that’s after you get in the door.  But, to get your-foot-in-the-door, you need to own the conversation that most impact the bottom-line of your clients’ business – talent.