VIP Job Search Strategy

February 21, 2010 I'M Applying, Job Search, Social Media

Finding a job has become very difficult.

There are thousands of jobs advertised on the Internet; you apply to hundreds and only managed to land one maybe two interviews.

You finally interviewed for a job, but only end up with an empty feeling because you never received a call back or even a rejection letter.

The so called job search experts want to rewrite your resume to help find the hidden jobs, for a fee.

You continue to hear about a new normal for getting the right job in this economy, and you have no clue, because you never had to search for a job in your entire career.

You continue to hear that networking, networking, networking is the way to find a job today; yet you can’t reach a live person on the telephone. You can only make contact through email, Twitter, LinkedIn, face book and other indirect impersonal channels.

Finally, you identify a job for which you are not only qualified but interested, only to discover that you must complete a-on-line application, complete a exhaustive assessment questionnaire in order to be considered for an interview.

Mr. unemployed, under-employed or gainfully employed and passively looking, if there were a magic button to get you more interviews by connecting directly with the employers/recruiters that are looking for you; where you interview directly with decision makers instead of going through the HR screening process, would you be interested?

Unfortunately, there is no such magic button, but there are effective job search tools and strategies.

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