We’re Hiring, Benefits and Health & Welfare Account Manager (The Story)


If you are in a leadership role and you are in this position, you have a very serious problem that needs a serious solution.

So, how did you get here?.  

Either you are not winning enough new clients or you are losing some very talented people on your staff!  

Your clients are not being nurtured in the way that will keep them happy, and they know it.

And you know it too, because behind the scenes, deadlines are being missed, little things keep falling through-the-cracks and are creating bottlenecks in your service delivery process.

Your remaining staff is totally stressed to the max.  They are coming to work early, working through lunch, leaving late-their entire days consist of putting-out-fires and re-doing work that was previously done..

As a Leader, if you cannot solve this problem today, you known that you will have a much bigger problem down the road.

So, here you are, losing sleep at nights, thinking about the reality that the best players on your team are returning “headhunter calls” and how much more in salary you may have to pay to keep them from “bailing”.  

On top of that, you are bleeding revenue because a few of your good clients are also getting picked-off by your competitors.  

And, the longer this situation continues, your chances of recruiting needed talent away from the competition, gets harder.  That is because the perception in the marketplace is that you are running a “sweatshop” operation and no one with decent skills will be interested in a “burn-out” job, on a “sinking ship”.

The reality is that you are just playing music, knowing that the “Titanic” is sinking.

But being a trusted leader, you “man-up” and stay focused on finding a solutions to this on-going nightmare.

Your instinct tells you to “call the plumber”.  Because, at this point, what you really need is professional help-someone who can help you stop the bleeding. In this case, the Plumber is someone who is skilled in employee benefits recruitment and is able to articulate your story, in the right way, to the right individual.  The right individual is the one who needs this particular type of challenge in order to gain the experience that is needed to get to the next level in his/her career. 

But wait…your organization recently implemented a no agency policy where you are no longer authorized to use external recruitment resources.  

Furthermore, you are told by the “higher-ups” that HR has “your back” and they have the “situation covered”.  (They have a LinkedIn Recruiter account and they are currently screening applicants to bring in for formal interviews)

And that’s when you realize the value of a recruitment process.

So, you wake up again in a “cold sweat” in the middle of the night with the realization that the nightmare will continue until HR can deliver for you.