I’m Not Looking-But it Doesn’t Hurt to Listen

Are you a:

  • Fun person to work with?
  • Hard worker?
  • Someone who pays attention to details?
  • Very helpful to co-workers
  • Age: 27-35?
  • Working for a large health & benefits (consulting/brokerage firm)?
  • Feeling unappreciated or working very long hours?
  • Have a new boss or your employer has changed direction because of a merger or acquisition?
  • Have limited career growth potential or having to keep track of billable hours?
  • Aggressive in regards to your own career progression?

Are you interested in:

  • Job stability & security?
  • More work-life balance? (to focus on your personal life-relationship or family or travel)
  • A nimbler work-friendlier environment? (no red-tapes, decisions are made quickly)
  • Getting your great Ideas implemented? (feeling of being respected and a part of the family)
  • Being exposed to a wider variety of projects to work on? (excited to go to work every day)
  • More focused on creating value for clients, instead making money for stakeholders?
  • Less work-load, without taking a step backwards, financially or professionally?
  • A richer benefit package with less out of pocket costs? (feels like your employer really have your best interest in mind)
  • Career growth at your own pace?
  • Seeing the full results of what you do, instead of just a small part?

Which one of these three things would you say was the biggest obstacle to your own professional growth?

  • Fear of change
  • Loyalty to employer
  • In it for the money

Would you take a closer look at this type of opportunity, if:

  • You could get all the details without having to dress in a suit and physically take time away from work to interview?
  • You could have a relaxed conversations instead of feeling like you are interviewing for a job?

Would it make sense to listen to all the details on your down-time (drive to work or while you are at the gym, or waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts)? 

  • If yes, just reply to my email.  I will send/text you the link to a short video.
  • If no, just keep me in mind for something down the road.